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Product Overview


CogniToys are educational Dino companions that learn and grow with kids. Dinos aren't personal assistants, they are friends who answer questions, tell stories, practice spelling, play games and even lead guided meditations -- all without the need for a screen. The Wi-Fi-enabled Dinos engage kids in interactive conversation and get smarter with each automatic content update.

Please note:
  • Shipping to U.S. and Canada only.
  • Recommended for kids ages 5 to 9.


Product Description

On average, kids ask 300 questions a day. CogniToys can keep up. The Dinos respond to thousands of questions across multiple triceratopics with age-appropriate answers. CogniToys don't pull answers directly from Google, so if a child asks a question the Dino doesn’t know, our team writes a kid-friendly answer to be added in a future content update. CogniToys come packed with tons of activities including stories, games, meditations, jokes and more to keep kids entertained for hours on end. By remembering a child's name and favorite things (colors, animals, sports, etc.), CogniToys provide the kind of personalized play experience every kid deserves.

Key Features:
  • Games and Stories Galore - CogniToys are designed to engage kids in educational play. Kids can ask their Dino thousands of questions, practice vocabulary, listen to stories and so much more.
  • Easy Set Up - Parents must use the CogniToys App to connect the Dino to Wi-Fi. Once connected, the Dino no longer requires the use of a smartphone for playtime.
  • Emotional Intelligence - Dinos don’t just respond, they respond intelligently. If a child says they are scared, the Dino encourages them to speak to an adult they trust. Or, if a child tells the Dino they’re sad, the toy may suggest meditation or listening to a funny joke.
  • Personalized - CogniToys try to personalize interactions and can remember what a child shares - such as their name, favorite food or animal, etc. - to customize learning and future conversations.
  • Constantly Evolving - CogniToys are cloud-connected, Wi-Fi enabled smart toys, allowing for the play experience to constantly improve and automatically update as new content becomes available.
Product Specs:
  • iOS & Android compatible
  • Durable ABS body (can be cleaned with mild soap and warm water)
  • Batteries: 4AA included, 6 week battery life with moderate use
  • Multi-color indicator lights
  • Dimensions: 5.5" L, 4.25" W, 7" H