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What are CogniToys?

CogniToys are internet-connected smart toys that learn and grow alongside children. Cloud-based and speech-enabled, the Dinos are redefining interactive learning in the digital age. The IBM Watson powered Dinos are loaded with fun personalities and oodles of information, allowing them to deliver the kind of personalized play experience every kid deserves.

How to Use Your Dino

How to Connect Your Dino To Wi-Fi

Learn how to use the CogniToys App to connect your Dino to Wi-Fi and set up your profile.

How to Hold Your Dino

To play with your Dino, hold to speak and let go to listen. Wait until the Dino has finished speaking to respond with an answer. To stop the Dino from continuing an activity, wait until it's your turn to speak and say "stop."

How to Speak With Your Dino

The Dino responds to certain commands and content prompts. This video reviews some of the main ones. For a more comprehensive overview of prompts your Dino understands, visit: FAQ

LED Color Indicator Breakdown

Learn more about your Dino's LED Color Indicators and what they mean.