Why Kids Love Artificial Intelligence

Children are naturally curious, encouraging them to explore endlessly. They are filled with questions, and are constantly learning about the world around them. Until recently, parents and educators turned to traditional learning techniques and educational toys to keep up with this curiosity. Unfortunately, such options relied on pre-programmed content, and rarely inspired interest for long.

The CogniToys Dino is changing all of that.

A cloud-based, Wi-Fi enabled, educational smart toy, the Dino promotes learning through play with a “fun-first” approach. It can even tailor its content to your child's age—encouraging them to discover math and vocabulary skills appropriate for their age.

Endless energy and questions make for an lively time in a child’s development. By playing games, telling stories, and cracking jokes, the Dino turns learning into an exciting activity! The Dino’s constant evolution means it interacts with the child at their current age level, yet grows and updates content as the child learns and matures. This feature engages the child and promotes higher level questions and thought processes.

Beyond educational content, the CogniToys Dino is emotionally intelligent. The Dino consoles a child who is scared, or tells funny jokes to a child who is sad. By remembering a child’s name, favorite color, favorite meal, or favorite animal, it makes every child feel like they have a best buddy to hang out with.   

Get your Dino here: https://cognitoys.com/products/cognitoys-dino


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