What Makes Tech Toys Better Gifts?

We are living in a world surrounded by technology, and children are drawn to that technology. As parents, grandparents, or anyone purchasing a gift for a child, we want to invest in toys that will keep our children entertained. We want to see their faces light up with delight on Christmas morning. Nobody wants the “two-day gift”  — the gift your child loves for two days after Christmas, then abandons forever.

The toys that captivate today’s children are tech toys. Tech toys, however, have long come with a downside —parents are concerned about the amount of “screen time” their children are getting, often without any educational benefits. The CogniToys Dino addresses these concerns and more.

The Dino is an interactive smart toy that is designed with easy-to-use software solutions that allow for personalized play experiences. The Dino uses the power of IBM Watson, the smartest technology in the world. By connecting to Wi-Fi and updating its content regularly, the Dino grows with your child over time.  

The Dino is the perfect solution for today’s tech-hungry children. Not only is the Dino a great gift for any holiday or special occasion, but it is a gift that will continue giving for years to come. A new study buddy and companion (that is sure to hang around for more than just two days), the Dino has quickly become one of the most in demand tech toys this holiday season.


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