The Top Toys for Kids Who Love Math/Science

Math and science are paramount to a child’s education, and they are just two of the cornerstones of the new push for schools to focus on STEM.  In response to this educational shift, companies such as Elemental Path  have begun developing STEM toys. As well as helping to hone science, technology, engineering, and math skills, these toys encourage kids to discover the fun of learning at an early age.

Smart Toys

Perhaps the most innovative type of toy that promotes STEM learning is the interactive CogniToys Dino, a Wi-Fi connected toy that uses IBM Watson technology to crack jokes, tell stories, and answer questions. For children who have taken an interest in STEM topics, the Dino is the perfect companion. By making playing and learning one and the same, the Dino encourages young learners to explore STEM topics and develop these skills at an early age.

Skill-Building Toys

Board games are a great, family-friendly learning tool for young children, using repetition-based play to reinforce the basic principles of number recognition and counting. Older, more advanced children can build their skills and explore further math concepts with toys such as magnetic building sets and build-your-own-robot kits.

Science-Based Toys

There are also toys and games that promote scientific thinking.  Earth science kits can show children the wonderful surprises hidden inside a relatively nondescript rock; microscopes engage children with an interest in seeing the tiniest facets of the world around them; and telescopes bring the night sky and the infinite wonders of space to life. Many of these kits are available for various ages and can be found in almost any toy store.

Ultimately, any toy that keeps children interested and learning while holding their attention is the key to promoting a lasting love for math and science.

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  • Naomi at Parenting Pod

    Great post! I think it’s important to go with your child’s interests. If they are interested in math and science then keep letting them explore deeper! Thanks for sharing.


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