The Best Rainy Day Activities for Little Dinosaur Lovers

Have you ever wondered what dinosaurs get up to on rainy days? Well, they have fun of course! And you better believe they know all the best ways to stay busy as can be when those pesky clouds come to stay. So next time your kiddos are bouncing off the walls and you need something to fill those long, indoor hours, give these dinosaur-approved rainy day activities a try:

Dinosaur Scavenger Hunt: With these dinosaur scavenger hunt printables from Play Party Plan, you can create your own dinosaur scavenging challenge. The printables are free to download and use, so all you need is a prize to hide at the end.

Dance along to the Dinosaur Stomp: Is there anything kids love more Than dancing? Okay, maybe candy, but stomping around like a dinosaur has to be a close second. With this follow along video, your kiddos will be dancing till they drop. But don’t think you’re off the hook, parents. You better get up and dance like a dinosaur, too!

Dinosaur Races: Turn your living room into a dinosaur racetrack by gearing up in these crafty dinosaur feet from A Bird and a Bean. All you need are some empty tissue boxes, a few basic crafting supplies, and a sense of fun. When your dinosaur feet are ready to wear, simply set a starting line and a finishing line and let the games begin!

Hatch Your Own Dinosaur Eggs: Get ready to get messy, because we’re breaking out the baking soda and the food coloring. For this activity, you’ll need a few little plastic dinosaurs. Or, if you don’t have any at home, you could even make your own miniature dinosaurs out of crafting clay. When your eggs are complete, you can start the hatching process with a dash of vinegar.

Make Your Own Dinosaur Habitat: This one is fun for grown-ups, too. And you can throw a little paleontology into the mix as you research together what kind of habitats different dinosaurs would have lived in. When you’re ready to start creating your dinosaur habitat, where you take the design is up to you! Try cutting out felt shapes for ponds and pools, building trees out of chopsticks, or creating rocky landscapes out of pebbles and sand.

Put Your Dinosaur Knowledge to the Test: Were sauropods bigger than giraffes? Was Australia a dinosaur-free zone? Test how dinosaur savvy you are with the CogniToys Dino’s Dinosaur Quiz game. Or, put your dinosaur dining knowledge to the test with the Dinosaur Chef challenge, where you’ll have to pick what different dinosaurs are chowing down on for the day.

Do you have a favorite dinosaur-themed rainy day activity, but don’t see it mentioned here? Let us know! Simply leave a comment in the section below, or email us at Now what are you waiting for? It’s time to get the fun started!


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