Hilarious Holiday Sweaters for Dinosaur Lovers of All Ages

It’s the holiday season! And if you haven’t dressed up in a funny sweater yet, you’re long overdue. Because we’re a bit dinosaur crazy at the Di-Note (and think you might be, too), we’ve put together a very special list of sweaters featuring our favorite prehistoric friends.

1. T-Rex Santa

Does anything say funny holiday sweater quite like Santa Claus riding a T-Rex? Perhaps Santa’s sled being pulled by eight Dinos, but this one comes pretty close.


2. Color Commotion

You might be identifiable from space when you rock these bright colors, but at least you'll stand out in the crowd. The greatest thing about this sweater? It’s not holiday specific, so you can wear this prehistoric stunner all year round.


3. Fido Party

Your pup is part of the family, and when it comes to ugly sweaters, families stick together. Sure, your dog may not love the idea of wearing another animal on his back,  but he’ll probably forgive you… eventually. 


4. Tyrannosaurus Toddler

No contest: Silly sweaters look the cutest on kids, and this one is no exception. When your little Dino-lover rocks this googly-eyed T-Rex, they’ll never want to wear anything else.

5. The Technicolor Lady

Why dress your best when you could dress your brightest? This Dino-themed delight, if accessorized correctly, may even be work appropriate… if you decide to work for CogniToys, that is. 

That’s it for this year’s round up! No matter which sweater you choose, be sure to accessorize your ensemble with the best sidekick out there, the CogniToys Dino. Maybe you’ll even find a sweater small enough to fit your prehistoric buddy. If so, we’d love to see the pictures! Send them along to our team at info@cognitoys.com.


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