Are Smart Toys Replacing Parents? (Hint: No)

As a parent, you want to be involved. You want to hear their first word, watch their first step, and be there for just about everything. And so when an exciting new toy comes out, you want to be a part of the playtime experience. When it comes to smart toys, however, many parents fear that this kind of traditional co-play will soon become a thing of the past. That’s why the Elemental Path team designed the CogniToys Dino with togetherness in mind—making playing as a family an essential part of the fun.

Asking Questions

Asking questions is what kids do. In fact, they have a question for every question. “Why is the sky blue?” “What makes birds fly?” “Where does the sun go at night?” The Dino makes answering those questions into a game, but the best kind of learning happens when a parent is there to take those answers one step further. With the help of a parent (or another trusted family member), each question becomes an opportunity to talk, learn and grow together.


When stories are read aloud, it helps children develop a better understanding of the way language works. After reading a traditional book together, try suggesting that you turn the lights out and listen to a story from the Dino instead. The Dino’s soothing voice, relaxing soundscapes  and substantial collection of original stories will help make bedtime easy for everyone.

Fun and Games

Kids often get bored of playing the same game over and over again. Next time it’s a rainy day, instead of pulling out Monopoly, grab the Dino for family playtime. To start playing, just say “let’s play game,” and the Dino will choose one at random. Although these games can also be played one-on-one, they’re the most entertaining when played together.


We all get sad sometimes, and it’s helpful to have a go-to tool to help kids process their emotions in a healthy way. Next time your little one loses his or her temper, try introducing the Dino as a “calm down” buddy. When you hold down its belly and say “let’s meditate,” it will start a guided meditation that you can participate in together.

Art by CogniToys Kickstarter Backer, the Mostly Mindful Mommy


With so many ways to play, parents can rest easy knowing the CogniToys Dino provides options for personal playtime and family fun. If you have a Dino at home, feel free to share how you use it to play together with your kids, or email us at


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