Meet the Kid-preneurs Taking America By Storm this Small Business Saturday

Whether it’s the pizza shop across the street, or the corner deli where you buy snacks, we all have a favorite local business we love to support. To celebrate Small Business Saturday, we rounded up 10 awesome enterprises run by kids under 18. So, as thousands of people across the country head out to shop small, do your part by shopping small in more ways than one!

  • Boo Boo Goo, Kiowa, Age 6
  • Boo Boo Goo is environmentally friendly band-aid paint that “turns boo boos into ha has.” Started by a 6-year-old Shark Tank contestant, Boo Boo Goo’s website explains that “a .5 oz bottle provides the equivalent coverage of 75 Band-Aids, and won’t wind up in our landfills.”

  • Origami Owl, Bella, Age 14
  • At 14, Bella knew exactly what she wanted: A car. Her parents, however, said if she wanted a car, she’d have to earn it… so she did, and so much more. What started out as selling jewelry to friends quickly became Origami Owl: A *charming* nationwide jewelry business.

  • Zollipops, Alina, Age 9
  • Lollipops that are a good for your teeth? Normally we’d say you’re talking crazy, but 9 year old Alina made crazy a reality… and tasty! Alongside her dad, Alina created lollipops that not only taste good, but are good for you. A Small Business Saturday miracle!

  • Jyoungin, Jeremiah, Age 15
  • At age 9, Jeremiah wanted to do something to increase high school graduation rates and stimulate higher education goals among people in his community. To help, he started his own apparel line to raise money for the cause. Since launching his business, Jeremiah has supported over 100,000 scholars and athletes in achieving their goals.

  • Me & the Bees Lemonade, Mikaila, Age 11
  • Mikaila got stung by a bee when she was four. While she didn’t like it, this chance encounter inspired her to learn more about bees. Just a few short years later, she started her very own lemonade business with the bee-utiful tagline, “Buy a Bottle…Save a Bee.”

  • Custard N’ Jelly, Ally, Age 14
  • When Ally was 8, her mom told her that her grandfather was her guardian angel, and that he was always watching over her. Ally loved the idea of someone having her back, so she decided to create Custard N’ Jelly Guardian Angel Dolls so other kids could always have someone watching over them too.

  • Caine's Arcade, Caine, Age 9
  • Caine's Arcade is a short film about a 9 year old boy's handmade cardboard arcade and his dream of having customers. The 11 minute film became a global phenomenon in 2012, with over 10 million views online. Caine made his own shirt to promote his arcade, and now you can buy your very own!

  • Man Cans, Hart, Age 16
  • Frustrated that a school candle drive didn’t have many options appealing to men, Hart started making his ownwith a twist. For every candle purchased, Hart’s company donates food to those in need. To date, Man Cans has donated over 100,000 meals.

  • Mo's Bows, Mo, Age 14
  • After trading bow ties for rocks during recess, Mo’s strong fashion sense led him to start his own company at the age of nine. With the help from his mom and his retired seamstress grandmother, Mo began selling super snazzy bow ties on his website and in Memphis retail stores.

    Bonus Business: CogniToys Dino, Age 65 Million

    This Bonus Business isn’t kid-owned, but it’s 100% kid-inspired. Elemental Path’s CogniToys Dino began as an answer to the endless “why” questions that kids ask, and its cloud-based platform has enabled it to keep answering those questions every day. Above all, what these kids (and the Dino) prove is that being small can make a big difference when you put your mind to it, especially on a day like Small Business Saturday!


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