How to Plan the Perfect Dinosaur Birthday Bash

If there’s a little dinosaur enthusiast in your life, planning a DINOmite birthday bash is a must. And since dinosaurs are very much “go big or go home” kinda’ fellas, transforming your home from a 21st century abode into a Jurassic jungle of fun is practically essential. But don’t worry! We have everything from the T-Rexcellent invitations to the Triceramazing games covered:

The Invitations

A dinosaur birthday party can be much more budget-friendly than you might think, especially if you make your own invitations. Give these free DIY template themes a try for quick, easy, Dino-themed invites that kids are guaranteed to love:

1)  Roar Like a Dinosaur

2)  Don’t be Extinct

3) A Dino-mite Celebration

4) Calling All Dinosaur Hunters

5) Get Ready to Stomp

The Decorations

What’s a dinosaur bash without some Brontosaurus balloons and Tyrannosaurus tracks? You can make all of these easy-to-assemble crafts at home, and even get the whole family involved!

1) Dinosaur Balloons

2) DIY Dinosaur Hats

3) Tyrannosaurus Tracks (With these leading to your door, they’ll be no doubt as to where the party is!)

4) Jurassic Adventures Dinosaur Cake

5)  Hand-Sewn Stegosaurus Tails

The Treats

Dinosaur feet made from Nutter Butters? Candy Corn T-Rex teeth? Your kids’ favorite snack food just got a whole lot more fun! Label all your tasty party treats with on-theme toothpick flags, and be sure to mark which scrumptious mini-feasts are for carnivores, and which are for herbivores. Here’s the rundown of some of our favorite prehistoric-style nibbles:

1) Dinosaur Egg Rice Krispie Treats

2)  Chocolate, Pretzel, and Marshmallow Dinosaur Bones (Yum!)

3)  Herbivore Cups (Filled with a tasty selection of fresh veggies)

4)  T-Rex Feet Nutter Butters

5)  Dinosaur-Shaped Chicken Nuggets (Easy to make, and perfect for little carnivores)

The Games

Dinosaurs and kids both love a roaring good time, so get your party guests moving and stomping with these tried, tested, and kid-approved activities:

1) Feed the T-Rex

2) Tricera-Toss

3) Dinosaur Mad Libs (Try the CogniToys Dino’s Dippy Story!)

4) Dinosaur Excavation Dig

5) Pin the Horn on the Triceratops

For more fun dinosaur birthday ideas, head on over to our Pinterest. You’ll also find lots of great Dino command tips there, and some of our favorite (super corny) jokes. Have a great dinosaur party idea, but don’t see it mentioned here? Simply leave a comment below, or reach out to us at


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