How to Make Recycling *Really* Fun for the Whole Family

Did you know that there are tons of ways to turn going green into family bonding time that your little ones will remember for years to come? Try the following ideas to get your kids excited about changing the world for the better.
Play Recycling Games
By turning your normal, boring recycling routine into a game, you’ll never have to let another recycling opportunity go to waste (go to waste, get it?).

  1. Making Recycle Monsters: So, what are recycle monsters? They’re big, bad recycling boxes that love to gobble up certain kinds of trash. To start, make a Glass Monster, a Plastic Monster, a Paper Monster, and a Can Monster. Have fun with it: get out the glitter glue, the pipe cleaners, and, of course, tons of googly eyes. Your kids will love decorating the monsters almost as much as they’ll love feeding them when they’re finished!
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  2. Starting a Recycling Olympics: Recycling Olympics are a great way to get a group of kids moving and having fun. You can include these get-your-green-on recycling games, or even make up your own.  

Designate a Recycling Mascot
Involving toys that your kids know and love is a great way to foster an interest in going green. Try the following tips to make sure your mascot is up for the challenge:

  1. Think of a Cool Recycling Name: Tom the Trashasaurus? Metallica the Rockin’ Recycler? When choosing a name, the sillier the better. While snowball the teddy bear may not be able to remember his recycling name, the CogniToys Dino will! The Dinos use things like your child’s name, favorite food, etc. to personalize every interaction. Kids can name their Dino Tom the Trashasaur, and best of all, change it when they’re ready to do something else.
  2. Design a Mascot Uniform: No mascot is complete without an awesome outfit, and yours is no exception. Try suiting it up for its new job by sewing a mini cape or crafting a super cool green hat. 

Make Art Out of Recycled Materials

With these neat projects, you can encourage your kids to Reuse, Reduce, and Recycle all while having tons of fun with their favorite messy art supplies. Try making:

  1. A Recycled Robot 
  2. A Recycled Can Bird Feeder (CAN you believe how cool it is?)
  3. An Egg Can Caterpillar

The average person throws away about 1.5 tons of solid waste a year. Crazy, right? By making recycling a part of your child’s regular routine, you can teach them that even little environmental experts can have a big impact on making the world a better place.


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