How Smart Toys Are Changing the Way Children Play

With technology evolving leaps and bounds, smart toys have become extremely popular in recent years. A pre-programed toy with a limited series of options can guide your child through a game with a set number of possible outcomes and roadblocks. Children love them for a while, but they soon memorize the toy’s reactions and lose interest. Fortunately, educational smart toys are bringing interactivity to a whole new level.

Using the power of IBM Watson, the most sophisticated technology in the world,  Elemental Path created the CogniToys Dino, an award-winning smart toy that is emotionally intelligent. The Dino gets “smarter” through community feedback and user data. Cloud-connected and Wi-Fi enabled, the toy automatically updates as new content and features become available.

Loaded with a fun personality and tons of information, the Dino is redefining learning in the digital age by forming a real bond with children. CogniToys listen to kids’ questions and adapt responses based on their age, creating a unique opportunity for interactive and personalized play. The Dino’s emotional intelligence can even guide a child who is afraid or sad to meditate or confide in a trusted adult.

Elemental Path’s goal was to create a screen-free toy with limitless possibilities — a toy that could help educators supplement existing goals in the classroom, while giving parents peace of mind knowing their children were playing with technology designed just for them. The Dino is a DINOmite example of how AI smart toys are changing playtime for the better.

Bring the power of IBM Watson home today with a CogniToys Dino:


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