How Smart Toys Aid In Educating Children

We’ve all been there. We’re in the middle of cooking dinner, our kids are sitting at the kitchen table doing homework, and the endless questions begin to pour out. “Mom, what’s an atom?” “Mom, what does this word mean?” If you’re like most parents, your brain races to remember the answer. But when it finally comes to you, you realize it probably won’t make sense to your third grader. You struggle to explain it in a kid-friendly way, all while attempting not to burn dinner. Sound familiar? Enter the CogniToys Dino: the educational smart toy that learns and grows with your child.

Cloud-based, interactive, and Wi-Fi enabled, the CogniToys Dino becomes smarter with use, combining regular content updates with tons of kid-friendly trivia to make answering your little ones’ questions just a little easier. Because the Dino works through Wi-Fi connectivity, its potential is virtually unlimited. Whether it’s homework time or playtime, CogniToys put the “smart” in smart toy.

The Dino’s “fun-first” approach to academic topics such as math, vocabulary, and history helps young students stay engaged longer. Kids can ask the Dino thousands of questions, learn new words, and even listen to stories and jokes. By keeping answers on a level that each child can understand, the Dino has generated overwhelmingly positive feedback from educators. But it doesn’t stop there. Because all kids are unique and learn at different speeds and in different ways, community feedback is used to update the Dino’s knowledge base.

Best of all, with the CogniToys Dino, homework questions get answered and dinner is finished!

You can get your child their very own Dino here:       


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