How Educators Can Use New Technology to Promote Learning

Educators are realizing more and more that technology is a part of everyday life, and many teachers are embracing this trend by incorporating technology into their classrooms. Versal conducted a survey in 2014 of 400 teachers to better understand their perspectives on teaching with technology. Recently, they repeated the survey to see if things have changed. The survey showed that technologies that empower teachers are rapidly gaining in popularity, demonstrating a jump from 58% to 73% in classroom use.


Infographic showing the survey results from 2014 and 2015.  Full survey results may be found here

Technology provides an opportunity to present learning materials in new and exciting ways, keeping children interested longer. One such innovative tool is the CogniToys Dino. Using the power of IBM Watson, the Wi-Fi-connected Dino can draw from its vast array of knowledge to answer countless questions.

The Dino’s “fun-first” approach to academic topics, such as math and history, helps young students stay engaged longer. Keeping in mind that all kids are unique and learn in different ways, the Dino delivers an individualized play experience. Children can ask the Dino thousands of questions, practice vocabulary, and even listen to stories.  

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