The Holidays, as Explained by Kids

Between catching up at work, buying last minute presents and meeting end of year deadlines, the holidays are synonymous with stress for most adults. For, kids, however the holidays are a completely different story. For them, it’s all about cookies, presents and pretty lights… but don’t take our word for it. We wanted to hear more about this time of year from a kid’s perspective, so we went straight to the source. Check out these hilarious kids quotes for a quick reminder of what the holidays are truly about.


“Hanukkah is an awesome time when you light a menorah for the eight days of Hanukkah. A menorah is like a candle stick with eight heads.” - Josh, 7



“Christmas is Jesus Christ’s birthday, duh! He’s from Bethlehem, New Jersey.” - Harper, age 4


Boxing Day

“Boxing Day is when you get to go shopping for all the things Santa forgot to bring you for Christmas” - Jacob, age 8



“Kwanzaa is about family, and unity and seeing all of your cousins, even the ones who live in California who only come to your house once a year.” - Carly, age 7



“Festivus is when you get to tell your brothers and sisters how much they annoy you, and you also get to dance around a pole.” - Charlotte, age 6


New Year’s Eve

“New Year’s is for staying up way past your bedtime, and when the TV ball drops adults kiss each other, and I kiss my dog. It’s much better to kiss a dog”- Skyler, age 5


We hope these super cool kids quotes put you in the holiday spirit! If you have a funny quote you’d like to share with us, feel free to write a comment or email us at


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