From Yuck to Yum: How to (Finally) Get Your Kids to Eat their Vegetables

It’s an accepted fact— kids don’t eat their green beans; they’re repulsed by broccoli, and they would much rather eat cupcakes than carrots. If you’re sick and tired of facing the “please eat your vegetables” battle every day, it’s time to try something new. With these fun tips, your picky little eaters might actually enjoy eating their vegetables!

Veggie-Table Masterpieces

Vegetables don’t always look the most appetizing; but with a little extra effort, they can become a miniature works of art. Whether it’s a Stegosaurus potato or a carrot house, it comes down to one thing: when food looks fun, kids like to eat it!




Veggie Tales

Giving vegetables a story is a great way to take them from  “yuck” to “yum”. For example, the Super Sprowtz series features vegetable superheroes, each with a different superpower based on their nutritional benefits.  Kids can also tune into the Veggie Tales cartoon series to watch the exciting adventures of Bob the tomato and Larry the cucumber.





Veggie Toys

Kids learn a lot when they play, so it’s important that the toys they play with reinforce positive messages. When asked if it likes broccoli, for example, the CogniToys Dino says:

Toys like wooden play food can also help kids associate fruits and vegetables  with fun. If you’re in the mood to take on a project, you can even make your own play vegetables out of felt.



Do you have a fun tip or trick that gets your kids gobbling up their vegetables in no time at all? We’d love to hear it! Share your comment below, or email us at


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