Four Ways to Make Sure Your Kids LOVE This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is about celebrating love of all kinds — the love you have for your friends, your family, and (of course) your kids. This year, show how much those special people mean to you by starting a new family tradition. It can be as simple watching a favorite Disney movie, or you can pull out all the stops with these fun-packed kids’ Valentine’s day ideas activities:

L -ove T-shirts: Can you ever be too old to have fun decorating T-shirts? We don’t think so. And we guarantee your kids won’t be able to get enough of this valentine’s day activity… the more mess, the better. So grab a plain white T-shirt, some fabric paint, all the heart-shaped stencils you can find, and let loose. Need some inspiration? Check out these DIY designs.

O-rigami Hearts: Origami hearts are surprisingly easy to make, and the design possibilities are endless. Start out with a simple folding tutorial, then give your kids free decorating reign. With a little glue, a bag of sequins, and some finger paints, the entertainment will last for hours.

V-alentine’s Cards: Why buy Valentine’s cards when making them is so much more fun? If your kids are a little too young to draw their own designs, start out by downloading some cool Valentine’s printables. Let your kids do all the decorating and coloring, then turn their creations into from-the-heart cards. Get started with these Valentine’s exclusives featuring the CogniToys Dino:

Smell the Roses Card

Love on Wheels Card

Love is the Word Card

Dinosaur Sweethearts Card

Easy Games: Want to avoid the mess of crafting, but still have some Valentine’s fun? With simple (yet awesome) games like Cupid Says, What I like about You, and Stack the Hearts you can dive right into action without having to worry about learning lots of complicated rules. It’s that easy!

Have a favorite Valentine’s family tradition that you don’t see mentioned here? We want to hear about it! Send us an email at, or simply leave a comment below.


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