Four Ways to Go Green This St. Patrick’s Day

Legend has it that if you don’t wear green for St. Patrick’s Day, you’re fair game for pinch-happy leprechauns. Getting pinched by invisible mischief makers is no fun, but going green sure can be! So this St. Patrick’s Day, why not pull out all the stops with these five (very literal) ways to go green:

Wear a Recycled “Recycle” T-shirt

If you’re going to wear green for St. Patrick’s Day, you might as well be green about it. Companies like Delta Eco-Apparel have figured out how to make T-shirts out of recycled beverage containers. When reprocessed, the plastic from these containers (like water and soda bottles) becomes polyester fibers — a material that’s already in a lot of your everyday clothing. Buying eco-friendly products also sets a great example for your kids, teaching them earth positive habits from an early age.



Bake Green-Colored Foods

Green zucchini bread, green granola bars, green cornbread — there’s no limit to the food you can turn shamrock green with a little all-natural food coloring. Want to throw an extra layer of green into the mix? Use fair trade certified ingredients. According to NOVICA, fair trade means fair for everyone — including the environment. In fact, organizations selling fair-trade products are required to work with respect for the environment. In order to comply with the World Fair Trade Organization’s 10 Principles of Fair Trade, they must reduce energy consumption, obtain their materials from sustainably managed sources, and minimize waste as much as possible.



Make Homemade Green Decorations

When you make your own St. Patty’s day decorations, you can deck your house out in oodles of green, have fun with the family, and do a little eco-friendly good. Simply buy a stack of all-purpose recycled paper, then get to work cutting out shamrock shapes — from shamrock garlands to homemade cards, the possibilities are endless.



Hang out with Your Favorite Green Sidekick

With the CogniToys Dino by your side, you’ll have an extra line of defense against those pesky leprechauns—and you can even brush up on your St. Patrick’s Day trivia. Who is Saint Patrick? What is the national emblem of Ireland? The Dino knows it all! And it can even tell you some handy-dandy facts about recycling.

 Patrick Dino

Do you have a fun idea for going green this St. Patrick’s Day? We’d love to hear it! Share your comment below, or email us at


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