Four Easy Ways to Teach Your Kids to Love EdTech


For most kids, tech is a part of everyday life. They love video games, smart phones, tablets, and everything in between. But what about the tech that's good for them? The kind that teaches things like early learning fundamentals, coding, and even engineering? With the right approach, these educational technologies can be just as fun, turning tech time into learning time. Not sure how to get your kids enthusiastic about EdTech? Give the following easy methods a try:

Bring Home a Tech Toy

Tech toys like the CogniToys Dino aren't just another version of a tablet or smartphone. Instead, they introduce kids to educational technology at an early age, while still maintaining the feel of a traditional toy. Unlike most tech, that is commonly designed with adults in mind, the Dino combines a child-friendly interface with age-appropriate content. The result is a learning toy that makes things like educational quizzes and games feel like playtime.

Get Involved in a STEM Program

STEM programs come in many different shapes and sizes. After school STEM programs give kids a chance to familiarize themselves with educational technology outside the classroom. Since programs like this are often funded by learning initiatives, they can be a great option for families who want to get their kids ahead in STEM subjects without investing in expensive technologies. For a more immersive experience, consider looking into STEM summer camps. These tech-positive experiences teach kids that tech can be approachable and fun, while surrounding them with other children who are enthusiastic about STEM topics.

Make Tech Time a Family Activity

Many parents feel that having tech at home takes away from family bonding time. With the right EdTech toys, that doesn't have to be the case. Turn this philosophy on its head by making tech time, family time. You can do this by assembling EdTech toys together, helping out with questions, and joining in the fun. This helps to set a positive precedent for how kids approach tech learning in the future, teaching them that STEM can be used to cultivate togetherness and community.

Build Your Own Tech Toy

Toys like LEGOs and K'NEX have enjoyed years of popularity for one simple reason: kids love building things. The process of assembly and design also helps to develop fine motor and problem-solving skills, giving early learners an advantage when they start applying STEM principles in the classroom. So why not combine the construction process with EdTech? Companies like Elemental Path are starting to do just that, and the learning implications are boundless.

Whether at home, at school, or in the classroom, early tech-positive experiences can be invaluable for kids, giving them the headstart they need to feel comfortable in a STEM-oriented curriculum. Do you have a favorite EdTech program or toy? Let us know. You can leave a comment in the section below, or email us at


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