Five Unexpected Benefits of Tech Toys

Many parents associate tech toys with either solitary play or gadget-style distraction, but recent innovations in the industry have made any truth behind those assumptions a thing of the past. In fact, tech toys can have a wide variety of benefits — often going far above and beyond the expected. Here, we’ll take a look at a few ways in which you can put tech toys to use in your household.

1) Family Playtime

For a long time, involving tech in playtime meant sitting in front of a screen with a remote controller in hand. Xboxes, PlayStations, PCs — they all took away from family time rather than contributing to it. Now, tech toys like the CogniToys Dino enable families to enjoy tech together through things like stories, games, and jokes.

2) Learning outside the Classroom

There’s no denying it — kids learn better when they’re having fun, and after a long day at school the last thing they want to do is hit the books. With the Dino, kids can learn by asking the kind of questions they want to ask. The Dino’s learning and memory games also encourage early learners to take on new educational challenges.

3) Practicing Pronunciations

For kids who are still in the early stages of learning speech, being understood by AI can be very rewarding. For example, if a child badly mispronounces a word, the Dino won’t understand. With the help of a parent, the child can keep practicing that word on the Dino until it understands. Explains Michael, parent of 4-year-old Michaela:

“Mickey gets so excited when Deeby (her Dino) understands what she’s saying. Especially if it’s a word or phrase she’s been working on for a while. She knows it means she’s saying it right.”

4) Teaching Good Manners

Teaching good manners is the bane of every parent’s existence, right? Sometimes kids forget the rules, and sometimes they just plain old ignore them. Here, the Dino’s Wait Time methods can come in useful. Unlike a human, this tech toy cannot be interrupted once it begins to speak, forcing kids to wait their turn. The Dino also praises kids when they remember to use words like “please” and “thank you”

5) Cutting Back on Screen-Time

Introducing kids to tech finally doesn’t have to involve screen time — which, let’s face it, kids have more than enough of already. Instead, early learners can discover the capabilities of things like AI without running the risk of stumbling across inappropriate content. That’s like getting two bonuses for the price of one!

Whether your kids are spending too much time glued to a screen or you just want to make learning outside the classroom a bit more fun, bringing a tech toy home could be the solution. Do you have a tech toy experience that you’d like to share with us? Simply leave a comment below.


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