Discover the Educational Toys That Are Keeping Kids Engaged Year Round

School can be overwhelming for young children, especially towards the end of the year when tests, homework, and extracurricular activities start piling up. By providing your kids with the following top learning toys, you can help to keep their imaginations active outside of the classroom, without making them feel as though you’re adding to their workload.

Kinetic sand is a three-dimensional building toy that mimics the physical properties of wet sand. According to Parents magazine, playing with the sand can help to calm a child who is frustrated with homework, preparing them to tackle anything from a tough math problem to a spelling challenge.

If you’re looking for something more creativity-oriented, give stencil project kits a try. Based on works by Monet, van Gogh, and other artists, these kits present a great way to work on fine motor skills while having fun. If your child needs a break from studying, but you don’t want them leave their work area, simply pull out a stencil and break out the markers and colored pencils.

A recent article published by the Association of Psychological Science found that children who play with toys like Legos, blocks, and models demonstrate better spatial reasoning ability. Spatial skills are vital in problem-solving in daily life, and even pave the way for success in careers such as engineering, math, and meteorology. Also, when these toys and games are played with in groups, children learn how to collaborate, build trust, and develop social skills.

Smart toys like the CogniToys Dino make learning fun by interacting with your child, using machine learning and natural language processing to power play. Children can ask the Dino questions, and the wi-fi-enabled toy delivers age-appropriate responses. As time goes on, the Dino learns and grows with each child, and has the ability to remember shared information like names, favorite colors, and food preferences. To get a Dino for the special child in your life, visit the CogniToys website.

With these learning toys at home, your kids will soon be having a blast while gaining important skills like reasoning, spatial awareness, and problem-solving. And the best part? They’ll be having so much fun, they won’t even realize it’s educational!


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