Artificial Intelligence is Now Child’s Play

Have you heard? Kids LOVE technology. Until now, the struggle for parents has been the ubiquity of screen time. CogniToys strike the perfect balance between technology and a back-to-basics play experience by engaging kids with personalized educational content—all without the need for a screen.

Elemental Path has developed the Dino: an award-winning smart toy that uses proprietary artificial intelligence technology to engage children in educational play. The Dino is designed with easy-to-use software solutions that allow for interactive, personalized playtimes experiences! In fact, the Dino remembers things about your child, such as favorite color and favorite food, and even tailors its responses based on your child’s age.

By connecting to Wi-Fi and updating its content regularly, the Dino makes pre-programmed toys a thing of the past. With CogniToys, children are not limited to a certain set of responses; they can be creative when engaging with their Dino, and learn something new every time they sit down to play

The CogniToys Dino has quickly become a cherished companion for children. Each Dino is easy to hold and stands at 7” tall, making it highly portable and perfect for play around the house. The battery-operated Dino requires 4AA batteries, and battery life can last for up to 6 weeks with heavy use.

This holiday season, bring the special children in your life a best friend—not just another toy. Get your Dino here:


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