A Tech Toy That Will Make 2016 Your Child’s Best Holiday Season Ever

CogniToys has developed the Dino, a toy that is winning awards and, more importantly, encouraging creativity and learning for children. Voted one of the Top Holiday Toys of 2016, and featured in Toys”R”Us Big Book of Awesome, the Dino is set to be a T-Rexcellent addition to your child’s holiday wish listThe Dino is a smart toy that is designed with easy-to-use software solutions that allow for interactive, personalized play experiences! The Dino uses the power of IBM Watson, the smartest AI technology in the world. By connecting to Wi-Fi and updating its content every week, the Dino constantly evolves.

The CogniToys Dinos are DINOmite at engaging children with personalized content, as well as emotional intelligence. They act as a companion that remembers things about your child, like favorite color. It plays games, answers questions, tells stories, and cracks jokes. If a child confides in a Dino that they are scared, it consoles the child and encourages them to speak with an adult they trust. Dinos also recommend meditation or telling funny jokes to the child when they are sad.

Feedback from educators has been overwhelmingly positive. Dino’s “fun-first” approach to academic topics, such as math and history, helps young students stay engaged longer. Keeping in mind that all kids are unique and learn in different ways, content is consistently being added to the Dino’s knowledge-base to help kids grow and learn in their own way by tailoring responses specifically to your child’s age level.                                                 

The CogniToys Dino is a smart buddy, companion and friend for ages 5-9 years old, easy to use and uniquely addresses parents’ concerns about the ubiquity of screen-time. CogniToys strikes the perfect balance between technology and a back-to-basics play experience by engaging kids… all without the need of a screen!


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