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To The Educational Toy Dinosaur Unlike Any Other


Meet the CogniToys Dino

There's nothing prehistoric about CogniToys, the Wi-Fi-enabled, educational smart toy Dinosaurs that learn and grow with children. Loaded with fun personalities and tons of information, CogniToys are redefining learning in the digital age. The curious and conversational Dinos are powered by IBM Watson and Elemental Path's Friendgine technology, allowing them to deliver the kind of personalized play experience every child deserves.

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Product Features


CogniToys engage kids in a wide variety of content by encouraging learning and play through interactive dialogue. Using IBM Watson and Elemental Path's Friendgine, the dynamic Dinos are truly putting the "smart" in smart toy.

Constantly Evolving

Cloud-connected and Wi-Fi-enabled, CogniToys update automatically as new content becomes available.


The CogniToys Dino grows with children by listening to their questions and in turn, adapting to their age and educational abilities. The toy explores favorite colors, books and more to customize engagement as well.


Recommended for kids ages 5 to 9, CogniToys have custom content modules such as questions and answers, storytelling, and games that include vocabulary, math and more to engage children in educational play.


Parent Panel

The Parent Panel is a secure dashboard that provides insight into how a child plays with their Dinosaur. Through the dashboard, parents can monitor which topics their child prefers. Parents can also use the dashboard to change their account settings and provide feedback and suggestions for improvement.
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